B2B sales planning and targeting, proven to unlock
20% to 50% additional new sales.

On-line sales and marketing courses

Based on courses for leading UK Chambers of Commerce and Industry, developed and presented by Mike Kingston 

This sales planning approach has delivered a significant and almost immediate increase in new, high quality, profitable customers for UK and International companies. 

More income with no increase in sales or marketing costs.

Hard to believe.

Preview these three free lessons and judge for yourself.

These three previews show you how to easily boost your sales proposal and quote conversion rate, and significantly.

Course developer and presenter:  Mike Kingston

'50% increase in new sales for this leading global ship management company'

“As a result of applying Mike’s sales planning, our pipeline of qualified opportunities has materially increased, with the percentage of ship management contracts that we are securing from new customers also increasing from 40% last year to 60% in the calendar year to date.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mike’s approach to any organisation seeking to develop and enhance their sales and customer relationship management capabilities in a similar, structured approach.”

Robin Thuilier, Director, Marketing & Business Development, Bernhart Shulte Shipmanagement (BSM) 2014-2018. Currently Director – Communications at MacGregor, global leader in marine cargo and load handling solutions.

20% to 50% increase

in your new sales income

Businesses from many different B2B sectors have used this sales planning approach to boost their sales, with higher profitability, across every sales and marketing discipline, from your internet content, sales promotion and prospecting to sales pitch, selling skills and proposal or quote writing

And with no additional sales or marketing costs!

The course is about how you plan and target your sales to increase income and profit. The course does not require you to invest in additional sales or marketing resources or promotional spend. Unless, of course, you are planning exceptionally rapid growth.

Why you can trust this proven sales planning

Over the past 22 years, more than 26,000 business owners, directors and sales and marketing staff, the majority from British Chamber of Commerce member companies, attended a Mike Kingston course or seminar based on this sales approach. Perhaps you attended one or more?

Mike presented over 1,400 sales and marketing courses for these UK Chambers of Commerce and Industry:

Thames Valley Group, London, Kent, Sussex, Coventry and Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Norfolk, Cardiff, Birmingham, Greater Manchester, North-East, Glasgow.

“80% more meetings with key decision makers”

“When I applied the cold call techniques taught by Mike in the seminar, I achieved 80% more meetings with decision makers from the same number of calls. Magic.”

Judy Lund, Sales and Marketing Director,
Artic Fox Dry Ice Cleaning

“I had great feedback from the sales team”

“I have had great feedback on the training from the sales team. And on a personal level it has helped me immensely. I am planning on having further discussions this week and looking at J A Harrisons USP’s and value propositions to guide the sales force to sell our products and services in a very a competitive market.”

Steven J Tierney, General Manager,  J. A. Harrison & Co Ltd. (2015 – 17).
Current – Group Managing Director, PSG Group International Ltd

“Made engineering team focus on customers”

”What I found most motivational and inspiring was the common sense way it was presented by Mike. It made our engineering team (and me) think about the customer’s needs rather than focus on what we sell.”

Jon Moreau DipM M.C.I.M, Sales Director (2006-2008) Jiskoot Autocontrols Ltd. Currently with Sensia Global.

Three ways this sales approach transforms your business

Businesses that followed this sales planning and targeting approach increased their new sales by 20% to 50%, and with their existing marketing and sales resource.

Recover lost sales. Replace with a growing, reliable stream of new, high-value customers.

As you win new, high-worth, loyal customer you encourage your marginal, less profitable or loss making accounts to slip away.

What else this customer-centric sales planning delivers for your sales, marketing and your business

The course planning activities focus and empower your sales and marketing teams to more easily win profitable, loyal customers, in particular high value customers that currently buy from rival suppliers.

Businesses also use this sales planning and targeting planning to replace marginal and loss making accounts with new, more profitable customers. These included a leading Indian furnishing fabrics manufacturer, a Microsoft partner company, next day parcel delivery, wholesale plant nursery, rail engineering consultancy and a hygiene services provider, among others.

Your average unit selling cost improves as you win additional new customers with no change in your sales and marketing cost. This boosts your profit margin. Alternatively, it gives you greater pricing flexibility. Perhaps both. You choose.

As you secure higher numbers of your best matched, higher value customers your retention rate improves. This reduces the need for your sales team to continually replace lost accounts and instead build a more valuable and growing customer base.

Your sales team benefits immediately by engaging with prospective customers that have a higher likelihood of converting. Sales pitching, selling and proposal or quote writing are measurably more productive. All without needing to acquire new skills or to work harder, not that these aren’t also important. Salespeople recognise the effectiveness of the approach and how it will achieve higher personal sales.

This planning gives new sales recruits the focus and messaging to prospect confidently and achieve their target sales faster and more sustainably. You have fewer new recruit casualties. An important safeguard when you promote your own staff into sales roles

What other sales and marketing leaders say

“Approach really does get results”

“I used your quotation writing techniques and secured a large contract I hadn’t expected to win. Great result. Your ‘Strategist and Financier role’ executive summary approach really does get results.”

Peter Grant, Chairman, VTUK- Openview property software platform

“I have experienced results from the application of his ideas”

“I have attended two of Mike’s training sessions and was inspired by both. Fundamentally, he knows what he is talking about and presents his ideas and experience in a very straightforward and to the point manner.”

Mark Whittaker, (2008 – 2018) Business Development Manager at Integral UK Ltd. (The leading Mechanical, Electrical and Fabric property maintenance business in the UK)

“Dramatically more successful”

“We transformed our proposal writing process as a result of one of Mike’s courses, and as a result were dramatically more successful. Anyone who writes sales proposals should attend his training.”

Michael Gamlen, MD, Gamlen Tabletting Ltd. Inventor of the Gamlen Tablet Press

Frequently asked questions

Expect to achieve a minimum 20% increase in your new sales. However, for many the increase will be significantly higher. The preview lessons give you an idea of what is realistic for your business. Also read the next question ‘Will it deliver what it promises’.

There’s only one way to  be completely sure if this planning approach will increase your new sales and that’s to evaluate the full course. Buy one course licence and check it out. If it’s not right for your business simply email us within 21 days for a full, no quibble, refund. You have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.

This sales planning is for a business of any size that sells B2B products or services. It does not specifically cover professional services or retail. Past businesses that benefited from adopting this selling approach include manufacturers, suppliers of industrial and commercial products and services, technical consultancies and wholesalers… among others.

Your new sales opportunities increase almost immediately after you apply your planning to your selling and marketing activities. However, your increase in converted sales depends on your industry’s typical lead time to order. The sales team of the UK’s leading supplier of solid fuel, increased their cold-call sales appointments with retailers by 300% in the week after adopting this customer centric prospecting approach. 

The course begins by teaching outcome centred marketing and selling, recognised as the most effective way to win new customers. It then guides your planning team through a unique, outcome centred segmentation approach that identifies your best-matched groups of target prospects. Additionally, the course demonstrates how to best approach and win these higher value customers and how you increase conversions from customer pitches and sales proposals, especially when you have the higher price.

There are no risks to your business or sales when you follow the guidance in the course. The planning process simply applies the customer knowledge and experience of your management, marketing and sales staff to identifying your best match prospective customers and the most effective way to win these. You then take a cautious, toe-in-the-water approach to implementation.

You may have costs in running a one or two day planning workshop; venue, travel and so on. You may also incur costs in rewriting your website, sales e-mails, literature and trade stand messaging to support your refocused sales and marketing activities. A world-wide company spent thirty five thousand dollars in travel, accommodation and venue costs to carry out these planning activities. In the following year their new sales increased by over fifteen million dollars.

You are strongly advised to first purchase one licence for the Sales Planning and Targeting course to ensure that the planning and selling approach is right for your business. You have 21 days in which to evaluate the full course content. If you decide within the 21 days that the course is not appropriate for your business just email us, to request a full, no question purchase refund.
There is no purchase refund given for any subsequent course purchases. Which is why we strongly advise you to evaluate the full Sales Planning and Targeting course before you make additional purchases for your planning, marketing and sales teams.