Add sales planning support, facilitation and mentoring

Three ways to enhance your planning

Please note: All planning facilitation, reviews and support is conducted virtually through Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Bronze – Planning Support 

Total support time 4 hours 

Price: £600 + VAT 

Silver – Key Facilitation  

Total facilitation time 8 hours 

Price: £1200 + VAT 

Gold – Full Facilitation  

Total facilitation time 16 hours 

Price: £2250 + VAT 

Facilitation is bespoke. Below is an example.

* Upgrade your facilitation level at any time
If you purchase a Bronze or Silver option, you can upgrade to a higher option at any time by paying the difference in price.

Assure your optimum increase in new, profitable sales

Add greater precision and certainty to your sales planning
Our expert facilitators add knowledgeable insight to your planning, gained from many years of assisting similar businesses to plan their sales growth. At the completion of each planning stage our expert facilitator reviews your team’s decisions. This is to ensure that your team accurately uncover what compels higher-value prospects to want to buy, or change to you from a rival supplier.

Fully utilise the customer knowledge of your staff

Your staff are a reservoir of customer knowledge that is the key to
achieving higher sales. Facilitation unlocks that knowledge through guided brainstorming and full participation by all members of your planning team.

Transfer your sales plan into highly effective activities

Actioning your sale plan can present several challenges. Mentoring helps you transfer your sales plan into you marketing and sales and day-to-day prospecting and selling activities. What should you do first? How do you ensure you convert your current sales opportunities? How do you redesign your website, literature, e-marketing and other sales and marketing assets?

Rapid pay-back
Expect the pay-back from these services through additional sales opportunities within the first months after plan implementation. That increase is then sustained, ensuring continuing higher income and profit.

Not sure?

Discuss these options with our lead facilitator.

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