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Your Free November Sales Booster
(12 mins)

Have you ever felt exploited or abused by a potental customer who stole your time and information and never purchased?

Here’s how Graham, the top salesperson in my region used two, sometimes three, sneaky questions to expose time wasting prospects, and found time to play golf every Friday.

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 ‘How To Write Winning Sales Proposals, Quotes and Tenders’

Based on Mike’s Chamber of Commerce seminar, lessons two and three below show you how you can immediately increase your proposal and quotation conversion rate by 20% to 40%.

Module 1 Lesson 1  (6 mins)
How you Increase Sales 

Module 1 – Lesson 2  (8 mins)
A Study in High Conversion

Module 1 – Lesson 3  (4 mins)
A Winning Sales Proposal

These three videos are the first lessons of Mike’s Sales Strategy and Targeting course, that unlocked 50% new sales growth in one year for a global marine company.