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Module 1 Lesson 1
How you Increase Sales

Module 1 – Lesson 2
A Study in High Conversion

Module 1 – Lesson 3
A Winning Sales Proposal

Two courses that deliver your sales plan for rapid growth

One to two days of planning today delivers a substantial, sustained increase in your new sales achievement, that will continue to benefits your business month after month, year after year.

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Sales Planning and Targeting

This course is purchased first, to guide your planning team through the one to two days of sales planning. It guides your sales planning team step-by-step through the robust set of planning activities that identify and prioritise your best matched, higher-value prospective customers and how your sales and marketing teams win them.

Includes Customer Centric Selling
This course includes customer centric selling. Planning team members, who study this course, need not study the Customer Centric Selling course.

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Customer Centric Selling

This course should be purchased on completion of your sales planning, for those who were not directly involved in the planning activities.

It is for all staff who are tasked to action or manage the planning outcomes, but who are not directly involved in the sales planning activities. 

The course mirrors the customer centric selling lessons and examples in the Sales Planning and Targeting course.

This course is also an essential part of new sales staff induction training.