The Sales Dynamics team

Mike Kingston
Founder and principal course developer

For well over two decades, some 28,000 Chief Executives, Sales and Business Development Directors and Managers and their sales and marketing staff filled Mike’s courses and master classes for many of the UK’s leading Chambers of Commerce. Mike’s in-company clients range from leading UK and international companies to small and mid-sized businesses from across diverse B2B sectors.

Mike’s career began as a salesman for NCR Corporation before moving into sales management with GEC Plessey Telecommunications and Initial Group. In the mid ‘90s Mike joined BT as their European Marketing Manager.

Today Mike is focused on developing a suite of on-line sales and marketing training. Sales Planning and Targeting is the foundation course for the series.

John Jeffrey
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Imagine increased customer loyalty and improved bottom line, gained with new valuable customers. John challenges your sales planning team to uncover fresh insights about your customer’s reasons for buying, revealing actionable sales improvements that easily outperform rival suppliers.

John has spent a significant part of his life managing businesses, training and coaching sales teams. You can draw on that experience as you optimise your sales results.

Ian Flemming
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This programme delivers new, high quality and profitable customers, whilst retaining loyalty from your existing customer base. Ian will help you optimise the delivery of these benefits, bringing a focus on your customer’s world and their experience of your company. His facilitation skills have been honed over many years, working with a wide range of Sales Directors and sales teams.

Louisa Bown
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